OTTAWA – Autonomous_ID received patent protection today for the use of its Bio_Sole in detecting weight gain or loss, further securing the sensor-equipped insole as a wearable data source in human gait analysis, and improving monitoring in sports and medicine.


“Your feet tell you a great deal about your body. The Bio_Sole is a cost-effective way to gather data and improve motion analysis,” said Todd Gray, chairman and CEO. “Now you can measure your weight, anytime, anywhere for personal use, and you can share that information for your health, wellness and insurance needs.”


Gait analysis shows how you stand, walk and run, and how these behavioral and physiological traits change over time. The wearable Bio_Sole makes it possible to analyse data outside the laboratory and capture information about your gait during everyday activities.


In addition to sensing weight, the Bio_Sole measures velocity, acceleration, stride, plantar pressure,  foot angles and angular change rates.  These measures improve the study of your motion.


Weight data from the Bio_Sole will help health professionals track the condition of patients with diabetes, Parkinson’s, and other degenerative diseases.  It will also improve patient monitoring in corrective orthopedic surgery.


The Bio_Sole’s weight data will also help elite athletes to improve performance, and anyone tracking weight for a diet or health program.

“Other sensors worn above the foot track motion but not weight,” said Mr. Gray. “Now you can get data from the ground up.”


The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) published patent number 9,452,881 today for a “Gait-Based Biometric System for Detecting Weight Gain or Loss.”


The weight-detection patent is the third that autonomous_ID has received for its Bio_Sole.


A December, 2015 patent recognized the insole’s application in detecting and monitoring disease-related abnormalities. Health professionals can use data from the insole’s sensors to better monitor pharmacological and therapeutic treatments.


In November, 2015 USPTO granted patent protection for the Bio_Sole’s biometric identification capability, which enables controlled access to secure resources in a wide range of industries and uses.


Unlike many other biometric identification techniques, the Bio_Sole can authenticate its user’s identity positively, rapidly and without a need to authenticate the identification through an external source, said Dr. Erik Mettala, the company’s executive vice president and chief technology officer.


 “This is about building the Internet of Me,” said Dr. Mettala. “The Bio_Sole creates a secure personal space in a connected world, and enables identity access control to Internet of Things devices, a home or car, and personalized analytics and insights on general fitness, health and wellness, and disease pathologies in a single system.”

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